Monday, February 25, 2013

Soda Can Rubbing Plates

Transfer images onto aluminium soda cans to create rubbing plates.  Use images of any theme - favourite characters, letters and numbers, nature prints, textures, etc.. Create a collection and use as an indoor creative activity.

Upcycle soda can rubbing plate

You will need the following materials.
1. Clean, empty soda can.
2. Cutting tool.  I used shears I purchased from the dollar store.
3. Masking tape to tape down the finished plate and prevent cuts.  Duct tape would work as well.
4. Printed images to be transferred to plate.
5. Ball point pen.
6. Recycled cardboard.  This will be used as backing when transferring the images and also for the finished plate.

Caution.  Please work carefully with tools and materials to avoid injury.

Upcycle soda can rubbing plate

Remove the top end of the soda can using a cutting tool or can opener.  Cut down the side to the bottom of the can.  Remove the bottom end of the can.

You should now have a rectangular piece of aluminium.  Flatten out this piece and tape, design side up, onto a piece of cardboard. Lay your image over the aluminium and secure with tape.  Using a ball point pen, begin to trace the design, pushing down with heavy pressure.

Upcycle soda can rubbing plate

Remove paper image after tracing is complete.  Go over any lines that may need additional detailing.  Remove the aluminium rectangle from the cardboard backing and trim it down to the size of the image, maintaining the rectangular shape.  Flip the piece so that the clean inside of the can is facing upward.  Tape the piece on all four sides onto a piece of cardboard.  Please ensure that all edges are sealed to prevent cuts while using the plate.

Note.  For letters, words, numbers and other writings, reverse the image prior to printing them out.  This is to ensure that the resulting rubbing plate will be printed in the right direction (unless you intentionally want mirror image text).

Your plate is now ready for rubbing.  Place a piece of paper on top of the plate and rub over the image with a drawing tool.  This process works best with broken crayon pieces that has the wrapper peeled off.   Lay the crayon flat on its long side and rub across with even pressure.

Upcycle soda can rubbing plate

Upcycle soda can rubbing plate

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