Monday, January 14, 2013

UpCycle Sweatshirt to No Sew Bottle Holder

Here's a great way to make use long-sleeve clothes your kids have outgrown.  I used a sweatshirt but I'm sure this will work on other materials such as wool or fleece.  This project also makes use of as much material from the shirt as possible.  I came up with this idea to get my kids to drink more water, especially when they are playing outside for hours.

recycled shirt water bottle holder

For this project, you will need the following materials:

1. small sweatshirt or other long-sleeve top
2. scissors
3. cord or yarn to tie one end
4. cord lock (optional)

What's great about this project is that there is no sewing required but you will be doing a lot of cutting.  See below for details of cut marks. 

Cut one sleeve off the sweatshirt.  This will be used as the main part of the bottle holder.  Cut notches along the side of the sleeve which will be for tying the strap in place at the end of the project.  Turn the cut end of the sleeve down about half inch as shown and cut holes along the end of the sleeve.  These holes will be used for the cord that will hold the bottle in place.  

sweathsirt cut sleeve

Set the sleeve aside and start cutting the main area of the sweatshirt to make a long strand of yarn.  This process is the same as making a t-shirt yarn.  The difference is the way the material will behave.  When making t-shirt yarn, the material will curl and produce a round yarn strand.  Sweatshirt material will remain flat so cut a narrow strip of approximately half and inch wide.  Start by cutting strips crosswise but do not cut all the way through.

making sweatshirt or t-shirt yarn

Turn the sweatshirt so that the uncut side is flat and facing upwards.  Start cutting the top of the lowest strip to the bottom of the next strip on the opposite side.

making sweatshirt or t-shirt yarn

As you cut along, you will start to see the yarn growing.

making sweatshirt or t-shirt yarn

Keep going until complete.  Divide the yarn into three approximately equal lengths and tie the three pieces together into a knot at one end.  Braid the yarn to the desired length of your bottle holder strap.  Tie the strap to the four notches on each side of the sleeve.  String a yarn or cord around the bottle end of the sleeve and add a cord lock if you have one.  If you do not have a cord lock, you can double knot the end and put a bottle through the top end of the holder instead.

Here is the finished bottle holder.

recycled upcycled shirt water bottle holder - no sew

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