Thursday, January 17, 2013

T-Shirt Dual Color Infinity Scarf

Do you have t-shirts that have been sitting in your closet?  Pull out two t-shirts for this project and upcycle them into a fun dual color infinity scarf.  The cotton material is soft and light enough to wear in spring, fall or indoors during winter season.  This versatile scarf can be worn low hanging, layered, or wrapped closely around your neck.

This project will require some sewing so take out that sewing machine.  If you don't have one, sewing is minimal so you can try doing it the old fashioned way using your hands.  You will need the usual sewing supplies.

1. threads for sewing
2. scissors for cutting t-shirts
3. ruler, straight edge, or measuring tape
4. fabric pencil
5. two t-shirts - recommended contrasting hues or colors.

I used two t-shirts of approximately the same widths so that the two colors would be balanced on the finished scarf.

T-Shirt Dual Color Infinity Scarf

Start with the t-shirt that is shorter, in my case, that would be the black t-shirt.  Cut across the shorter t-shirt immediately below the sleeves.  This does not need to be precisely measured, however, try to keep a straight line across.  Use the cut piece as a template to measure the cut for the second t-shirt.  Lay the cut piece on top of the second t-shirt, lining up the bottom edge.  Cut the second t-shirt to produce another piece of similar size.

T-Shirt Dual Color Infinity Scarf

Cut along the edge of each piece to open up the t-shirt, creating two long strips of fabric.  Line up each piece one on tip of the other and pin edges.

T-Shirt Dual Color Infinity Scarf

Trim off the bottom seam and any excess fabric along all edges.

Sew one end together on the short end (not lengthwise).  

T-Shirt Dual Color Infinity Scarf

Once one end is sewn, unpin the fabric and twist one fabric once.  Re-pin and sew other end.

Your infinity scarf is ready for wearing.  Wear is well!


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