Monday, January 21, 2013

Layered Skirt Extension with Flower

Add another layer to a layered skirt and tie the two fabrics together with a flower.

My daughter has a layered cotton skirt that still fits her width-wise but is just too short by my measurements.  To give it longer length and life, I added another layer to the skirt.  Since the additional layer was a different color, I used fabric remnants from the new layer and created a flower and attached it to the finished skirt for a cohesive look. 

layered skirt with flower

This is the original skirt that I started out with.

layered skirt

Gather and pin the new layer to the bottom layer of the skirt and sew right side of new layer to wrong side of existing layer.

extending layered skirt

To make the flower, take a strip of fabric remnant and stitch down one end, with approximately quarter inch seam.

how to make fabric flower

Gather and turn the fabric to form concentric circles.

Stitch the circle closed.

The flower is done and ready to be stitched to skirt.

how to make fabric flower


  1. So creative! I'll have to send this to Panda. She has some skirts that by my measurements are too short (for her age)


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